CaRe Monitor – Infant Cardiac Respiratory Monitor

Project Summary:

Helped develop a low-cost, low-power infant cardiac respiratory monitor for use in developing countries to combat Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The system consisted of an Atmega328 microcontroller, high-frequency signal generator, multiple lead electrode interface, power monitoring circuitry and indicator LEDs. I also developed a semi-automated test system to be used for the CaRe Monitor. The CaRe Monitor is currently being transitioned into manufacturing in India.

Intro and Background:

Many developing countries do not have a reliable way to monitor infants with cardiac and respiratory complications. This leads to high rates of SIDS that could be lowered if intervention occurred at the right time. Clinics in developing countries suffer from not having enough funding for expensive monitoring devices and not having a reliable energy source. This project aimed to develop a low-cost device that could run off of battery power for over 8 hours if needed.

This project was a multiple year, multiple generation BME design project. I joined the project as an independent study.

Technical Highlights:

Technical Documents and Photos

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