Internet of Things Lab @ The University of Wisconsin – Madison

Forbes video on UW IoT Lab

The Internet of Things Lab at the University of Wisconsin Madison is focused on enabling students to explore cutting edge technology and connected devices. Each semester students submit group project ideas to the lab and the most promising projects are chosen for funding and support. Projects range from innovative product design to exploring current technology. The following are the projects I worked on as part of the IoT lab.


  • Wireless armband gesture-based controller
    • This project was completed for a senior design course, but I also presented it at the Internet of Things Open House. The project was started as a proof of concept that basic actions and muscle movements could be reliably recorded, identified, and used for useful control. The ultimate goal was to create an armband that could be used for sign-language translation and education.
  • Myoband for sign language translation
    • This project explored the new product from Thalmic Labs called the Myoband. The Myoband is a small armband that contains 8 muscle sensors, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer. The idea was to test a cutting edge product against the armband we made (see above) and see which performed better. The Myoband had some technical advantages, but was limited by a small API.
  • Low-cost motion capture using XBOX Kinect
    • This project explored the use of the XBOX Kinect as a reliable motion capture system, specifically for biomechanics research. Current biomechanics motion capture systems are hundreds of thousands of dollars, so we were interested in seeing how the Kinect stacked up to these systems. The project was completed using a MATLAB program that took the Kinect data, recognized a humanoid in the frame, and approximated joints. The data was reliable, but lacked some resolution using the original Kinect.

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