Maze Navigating Robot

Short video and not the best demo. Our professor was filming and I am not sure why he did not film a full maze run. Our robot is the one with glasses and a nose.

Project Summary:

Programmed robot to solve a black-line maze in as few turns as possible. The robot was also designed so that it remembered the turns it made. Once the robot completed the maze it could be placed at the beginning and run the entire maze without making a wrong turn.

Intro and Background:

For Intro to Computer Engineering we had an option to do an extra credit project. There were multiple project options and my team elected to build and program a maze navigating robot. The robot came as a kit, but all programming was done by us as well as a few minor additions to the hardware.

The basic goal was to navigate an array of different mazes, including the one pictured above. We programmed our robot to take all left turns to reach the end of the maze. As it ran through the maze it constructed a turn graph that allowed it to remember the correct turns. Once the robot completed the maze (and danced) we could flip a switch, set it back at the beginning, and it would solve the maze again; this time without taking any wrong turns.

Technical Highlights:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Dual motor encoder feedback loops
  • 8-photodiode IR sensor
  • AI code

Technical Documents and Photos

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